Information about Repair Traders

Privacy Policy

Rules of  the Game

  • Buyers are limited to the United States only
  • No wholesale distributors are allowed to post products for sale - this site is for repair shop owners and employees only
  • New (unused) iPhone and iPad LCDs, digitizers and LCD assemblies are not to be sold. This includes iPhone 4G and up as well as iPad 2G and up. However, other less common LCDs that were purchased but never used are a perfect fit
  • Disrespectful members will be warned once, and then banned if the behavior continues
  • PayPal will be the primary source for dispute resolution. However, users that have been shown to scam another user even once will be banned
  • All users and listings are manually viewed by a team member to ensure that rules are being kept. This helps ensure a safe, spam and scam free marketplace.

All rules are subject to change without notice.

Repair Traders is not a place for repair shop owners to be spammed and sold to. It is not a place for wholesale distributors to sell new parts or offer recycling services. This is simply a site for repair shop owners to buy and sell to each other. It is also a place to post hard to find products that you are looking for. This feature has been requested by many of our users, and we were thrilled to implement it. If you see someone breaking the rules, or would like to reach out to us about anything, please either message us here, or reach out to us via

Thanks for visiting!