Information about Repair Traders


A Marketplace for Device Repair Shops

Repair Traders was founded by former iPhone Repair shop owners.

The average repair shop frequently has random inventory to sell, but that the general public isn't interested in. Items such as logic boards, hard to find components, housings, devices with issues and overstock inventory tie up valuable cash that could better be spent growing the business. What to do before Repair Traders? List them all on eBay!

After listing these products on eBay, here is what inevitably happens:

  • You list, say, an iPhone 5S for sale with a finicky power button. You make sure to fully disclose the issue and price the iPhone accordingly, hoping it sells quickly. You hate being charged a 10% eBay fee, on top of whatever Paypal is charging, but what other options do you have?
  • An uneducated consumer buys the product, seeing that it has an abnormally low price, without fully reading or understanding the description.
  • The consumer receives the item and inevitably becomes upset that the power button doesn't work right. Also, since they are the average uninitiated eBay customer, before the item even arrives they are expecting to get screwed over by the seller.
  • Luckily for the buyer, eBay is more than happy to cater to buyers that feel like they've been screwed over, when really the seller did nothing wrong.
  • Now, you get to experience some combination of the following bad experiences:
    • You receive negative feedback. This was unwarranted and may increase your selling fees, even though you've done nothing wrong.
    • Your money is held by Paypal. Now you can't sell anything until the problem is resolved. Once again, you've done nothing wrong.
    • You have to wait for the person to ship the phone back. If you're lucky, it's in the same condition as when you sold it. eBay doesn't care either way.
  • Now you have to re-list the item, likely at a loss, and go through the same process all over again.

This incredibly common scenario is one that the average repair shop deals with on a regular basis, and we set out to offer a better option.